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Title: Stroker motor
Post by: Sixty4X4 on November 21, 2017, 07:23:59 PM
So after my introduction (which stated a 4BT conversion soon) I see an article featuring a 3.8 to 4.1 Stroker kit available from 505Performance. Article was featured in Four Wheeler magazine. The kit uses offset ground crank so fixes the spun bearing issue using stock type bearing shells and also addresses the oil burning issue with good old fashioned oil rings installed in a new stroker forged piston. They also use better rockers on the existing shaft (good old Mopar for the shaft) and modify the heads in the exhaust ports and 5 angle grind. All in all they are quoting roughly 340ft/lbs & 240-260Hp with a little better economy. This will still be a $7000hit but at least I don't have to go find parts and pieces as all stock parts fit.
My questions here are; has anybody in the Calgary area done this conversion? Is there a machine shop one would recommend to do the machine work? My reason for the change back is the engine would remain to be compatible with the CPU systems etc, I would add a heavy flywheel and I intend to jump on a Diesel Rubicon if they ever get here so my 2008 would be a sellable item still. Any comments will be appreciated.
Title: Re: Stroker motor
Post by: Jrama on November 21, 2017, 09:43:49 PM
I went with 505 for my 4.6 stroker after my 4.0 went.

They had some issues with their JK stroker motors but that all appears to be a defective supplier not 505 themselves.

For my kit they supplied a few wrong parts...cambolt... stupid 160f thermostat. Some other parts made me guess but they were right about how it all fit together. All in all they knew their stuff well and helped me out when I had questions.

I used DW for machine work and while it was well done it took way too long (months) from their initial estimate of a couple weeks. But i would imagine it is slower this time of year and they could get it done quicker..

There is another machine shop out east of calgary I think its brads? If your  interested I could look into it and confirm.

* I was picky and specifically opted out of paying for a forged piston for a sub 300hp motor, 505 accomodated this request well...

*firebolt engines was the cheapest for any head work a lot and quick.  They rebuild but do not modify. will save you tons of cash on a lot of random parts even paying conversion. Or order through 505 just check before sourcing locally.

Title: Re: Stroker motor
Post by: hps4evr on November 22, 2017, 06:17:07 PM
If you google the 505 performance 3.8 stroker kit you'll find mostly poor reviews. As Jamal stated the issues may have been resolved but that's a big price to pay to find out.
Swapping in a 4.0L into a Jk would be cool:) but not easy I suspect. If you're planning on the JL diesel in the future it may be best to wait. Tough to spend a bunch of money on an engine upgrade and get very little return on it when it's time to sell. :/
Title: Re: Stroker motor
Post by: w squared on November 23, 2017, 01:55:27 PM
If you already have the Minivan Special (3.8) a blower might be the least painful way to add some oomph. It's no LS swap, and certainly not as cool as a Cummins.....but it'll let you merge onto Deerfoot without as much of a pucker factor.
Title: Re: Stroker motor
Post by: Sixty4X4 on December 26, 2017, 12:57:29 PM
Actually, I think I will just deck out this JKU and forget the new one. I was lucky enough to be #1 on the Canadian waiting list, and have a contract, for the new Audi R8 RWS coming May/June next year and if I buy more vehicles the wife will polish her shoes on my arse. This JKU was purchased off a wire fence lot in the hood in Calgary. Son and I looked at it and deemed there was virtually no off-road rash underneath so it has had an easy life and everything works then and now. It was a salvage as it had a deer strike (windshield, inner fender, hood, grille-saw pictures) and I got it for $13,700. Going to leave most of the Rubicon drivetrain intact except going for lift and driveshafts. Engine will still be the 4.1 stroker and I will purchase the rotating kit (most likely) from 505. Need to get some cam specs as a RIPP supercharger may follow so will need the forged pistons (CR9.0:1) and stronger bearing and rings setup. So need hi-lift, less overlap. Anyone know a grinder here in Calgary that can help? This engine I have does not tick rattle or clunk (cold or hot) so with the vehicle purchased at 149k kms we suspect FDC has replaced it at some point. Can someone confirm if they know of a GOOD 3.8 block I can get to build up then do a swap over a week or so? Is the minivan block the same one barring different oil pan etc etc? Those offers by fellow posters for referrals to good machine shops here will be appreciated.
Title: Re: Stroker motor
Post by: hps4evr on December 26, 2017, 01:19:03 PM
Dave at Broken Axle has used 3.8L engine st the shop. I believe I talked with you when you stopped by a couple weeks ago.