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Jeep Stuff Wanted / Cj tailgate hinges
« Last post by Lucky 777 on Today at 07:11:34 AM »
Im looking for a set of tailgate hinges for a 77 cj 7... whatcha got?
Tech Talk / Re: Can someone recommend a good mechanic in Calgary??
« Last post by Jrama on Yesterday at 09:30:20 PM »
You probably already know this since you were already bringing your jeep to a 4x4 shop but its worth mentioning still.

It really pays to go to a mechanic who deals with your vehicle type regularly. The experience they have will eventually pay you back dividends. (They have probably done the job you need a 100 times already on pretty much your exact vehicle)

And if anything odd comes up (ahem or if you do silly things like large tires, change gear ratios, swap in junkyard axles)they have likely seen it before or already know where to look. This can save huge $$$ over a shop who essentially has to re-invent the wheel chasing down an issue.

That said for jeeps, trucks, 4x4s, anything offroad related (customizing, to bolt on stuff) and general maintenance

Go to Broken Axle they have the knowledge you want plus they are great mechanics for general work plus they are fair.

Tech Talk / Re: Can someone recommend a good mechanic in Calgary??
« Last post by AffectedRyan on Yesterday at 01:07:59 PM »
Guys at bonavista auto have been honest and amazing.
Tech Talk / Battery nut missing
« Last post by AffectedRyan on Yesterday at 01:06:47 PM »
Does anyone know what nut I need for the negative battery terminal on my 2018 JK?

Lots of info on how to hook up accessories and that terminal to use but no info on the side nut I need. Thanks in advance guys.
Build Ups / Re: Jumping on to the R2.8 Conversion
« Last post by Sixty4X4 on February 16, 2019, 11:05:06 AM »
Also the rad is new in 2017 and will be for sale. Apprently no good for the 2.8.
Tech Talk / Re: Heater / Block heater issues
« Last post by Immortal on February 16, 2019, 10:43:52 AM »
Grab a digital multimeter ($20 PA one will work fine), ohm out the plug-in on the block heater. OL means no bueno. Any sort of resistance means it's still good.
Jeep Stuff Wanted / 35” spare
« Last post by taegeuk on February 16, 2019, 04:50:28 AM »
Need a 35” spare on 15” rim 5x4.5 for my tj
Tech Talk / Re: Heater / Block heater issues
« Last post by 96Cherokee on February 15, 2019, 11:06:44 PM »
Thanks, MattMan!
Yeah, I feel like if I pay for the back-flush it may temporarily help, but then I'll probably end up paying for the whole core later anyway.  Grumble.  I have about 90,000km or so.  Good to know about the block heater.  It's been hard to tell because the jeep starts just fine with or without it, which is a good thing.

Thanks for the info!  Anyone else wanna chime in?
Tech Talk / Re: Heater / Block heater issues
« Last post by MattMan on February 15, 2019, 09:05:10 PM »
Just finished going through all this myself.
  • Very likely heater core is partially plugged (mileage?)
  • Back flushing is a temporary fix and likely won’t be much improvement for very long if you only have lukewarm air on the passenger side
  • Unfortunately the only real solution is to replace the heater core (you have my sympathy)
  • I’ve been told that the Block heater is under the intake manifold; but I’ve also seen technical drawings that show it located along upper rear passenger side of the block but either way, no it doesn’t hiss like a traditional block-style. Mine works great and I’ve never heard a thing.
Got nuthin’ for you on your last question...  ;)
Build Ups / Jumping on to the R2.8 Conversion
« Last post by Sixty4X4 on February 15, 2019, 08:15:50 PM »
So after a lot of procrastination and pondering a new JLU Ruby I have decided to convert my 2008 JLU Ruby to a Cummins 2.8 simply because I need the fuel range for some long trips between fillups and of course the power. Also don't want to bash up a new $60k+ vehicle in the bush. So after all of this I will have a 170kkm 3.8/6 Speed, Clutch etc for sale. The engine runs without a tick ratlle or clunk and uses 0.5 liters in 7000km. We suspect it could be a Factory warranty replacement. It also does not leak oil. RThe Jeep can be demonstrated running as I will rent a garage and remove everything I do not want in April. I am asking $1500 for everything which I will only sell complete. No transfer case though. Swapped that already with a NP241. Using a Chev 6L80 tranny.

The other item I wanted to mention is that Cummins will look at motor discounts if we get about 4 or 5 people wanting the same crate setup. I know the motor is expensive at $12K CDN but a new Chev motor will set one back $7-8k to get plus $5k in adapter items such as computer, pedals mounts etc etc. It is a long shot but anyone wants to talk about this please email me at

I will be talking to AutoWorld in Great Falls, Montana. They specialize in making anything fit and CNC cut adapters etc for what they claim is much less $$$ than the regular suppliers like Bruiser etc and they supply the transmission computers etc. Basically could be a one stop shop. I will document the process in case anyone wants to follow along later anyway.


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