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sn4cktime on October 11, 2008, 02:44:56 AM
UPDATED - Tires/Wheels are installed.  No rubbing at full turn on flat ground or slight flex.  I'll REALLY flex it out later  to see if I need the wheel spacers I've got coming.  Some places are tight, so I think I will.  My JK's jack was able to go high enough to change them out, but it was cranked up as high as it could go, so any JK'ers out there be aware you'll need a 2x4 or something if on soft or un-level ground.  Gorilla lug nuts that came with the tires are way nicer to work with, threads seem a lot tougher.  With the 2.5" lift it takes some work to get in and out now.  I'd recommend some grab handles for the guys with short ladies out there.

The important info for the JK's out there about drivability and such.  I have the spare in the back to maintain a "normal" weight while testing.  I would have tossed it on the rear carrier but it's way too high and heavy to do myself, also need my 15/16 wrench/ratchet from work to adjust the holder's backspacing.  I've got a front D30, rear D44 and 3.21 gear ratio.  It drives fine.  It takes a little more gas to get going, but nothing major, first gear having a 4.5+ gear ratio helps.  I took it around some corners, was fine, tried again to induce Death Wobble, was fine.  Pulls a little more than it used to (bump-steer), and ride is a little harsher, but I left the tires at 40psi for testing.  I dropped them to 30 afterwards and it's WAY smoother.  Braking is a little weaker which is to be expected, but with 4 discs it still stops pretty good, gear down hard and it's almost stock breaking distances.  I took it up Sarcee, which has a pretty steep hill, there is high-end power loss for sure.  I know the speedo's off (seems to be around 7-12km/h off) but given traffic's speed it'll maintain 80 at a steep climb.  No more bombing around hills at 140+..... at least until re-geared eventually.  On the flat it'll still do 120+ and on the TOP end you might still find use for 6th gear, so that's pretty awesome.  You probably won't need it often though.  Keep in mind I have a manual and have a speedo re-calibrator coming.  If you have an auto you REQUIRE a re-calibrator to flash your computer BEFORE you drive it AT ALL or you're ESP and traction control could goes nuts and be dangerous to the point of causing accidents.  I've also got some laser cut gussets coming in to keep the "c"s of my D30 from getting bent while wheelin' due to the extra weight of the bigger tires.  They're not needed, but lots of JK-ers' in the US are replacing axle housings because they've fubared they're "c"s on D30's.  I've also been warned here by a few people that unit bearings in the hubs will likely get trashed on a 1-2 year timescale which requires replacing the front hubs - price of the game I guess.

On the the pictures!!!
Old vs. New

First On

One side done

Old vs New on un-level ground

Huge Difference!


Original Post:
Hopefully going to get this heap o' goodies on the JK this weekend.  Threw a Loonie down for scale.  It all showed up today while I was at work.  My girlfriend was home and said the UPS guy was NOT impressed (4th floor & no elevator).  And she was NOT impressed with me having to move furniture to fit these inside.  The good part is I was "told" to get this stuff on the Jeep and out of our apartment.  At least I get to roll them down the stairs.   ;D

5 - 315/75R16's (35x12.5)
5 - Cragar Soft 8's
     Included lug nuts, mounted & balanced
2 - Grab handles (bit more of a climb now)
1 - 2.5" Rough Country lift kit


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w squared on October 11, 2008, 08:17:43 AM
You can just store it all over at my place. ;D

I'm almost certain that there's only a very small chance that it might accidentally get installed on my JK while I'm waiting for you to pick it up.  :o
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JackstandJohnny on October 11, 2008, 10:16:49 AM
i remember the days of keeping jeep parts in the appartment, specially tires hahaha.  once upon a time a buddy of mine rebuilt an axle on his balcony.  mine was a suspension parts graveyard lol. so much fun!
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sn4cktime on October 13, 2008, 06:58:28 PM
----2007 2D 6SPD JK X----
open diffs are rad

lil devil on October 13, 2008, 08:18:08 PM
looks great. nice color too

JasonL_031 on October 14, 2008, 07:19:02 AM
looks great damn makes me want to get a new one lol
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Bnine on October 14, 2008, 09:53:57 AM
Lookin good Tyler

All your parts in are in by the way. Come on by tonight if you can.
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Z on October 20, 2008, 08:26:51 PM
Looks good!

JasonL_031 on October 20, 2008, 09:12:10 PM
mmmm might have to do that to my new jk :D lol
1994 ZJ
6.5 inch custom lift
5.2L v8 with 5.9 exhaust
35x12.5r15 beadlocks
custom front bumper
98 leather interior
rugged ridge steering conversion
np231 tcase swap
LED off road lights

barmanjay on October 20, 2008, 11:57:10 PM

That looks so baadass!!
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sn4cktime on October 22, 2008, 04:09:22 AM
Thanks.  Can't wait until the tube fenders get here.  Then I'll have all my flex room back.  Then I can chill out on the "lift" issues for a bit and start getting the gears / lockers / skids / rocker guards lined up.  Maybe wire up some driving lights and call er "quits" for a while.  Well, maybe I'll add a rear winch... chromally shafts...

Guess it never really ends.

Oh well, at least for the near future I can keep my Jeep's belly from draggin' in the mud like it was.
----2007 2D 6SPD JK X----
open diffs are rad

LAHAL on January 28, 2009, 10:59:50 PM
Good looking Jeep.

I've actually seen your Jeep before. I actually parked right in front of it, just cause. HEHE

You live behind Market Mall right.

sn4cktime on January 29, 2009, 02:50:02 AM

Yeah, in the white "condos", AKA apartments, across from Zellers.  What do you normally drive?

Jeep needs to be washed, can't even tell it's green anymore it has so much road gunk on it.
----2007 2D 6SPD JK X----
open diffs are rad

LAHAL on January 29, 2009, 06:51:54 AM
I have an 08 JK Rubi 2dr, just ordered my Bestop 2 piece doors yesterday. If i order later, they will be back ordered all summer long.

Its stock right now, but i'm currently working on replacing all control arm and front and rear track bar with some JKS products, as funds become available. Then i'm going to throw a 4" lift under it.

sn4cktime on January 30, 2009, 06:19:57 AM
I've got some fog/driving lights (Birthday present from Dad!!!) and relays coming in right away.  Have some mirrors for running door-less shipping right now, and have a programming module on the way too.  Planning to Herculine the inside of the tub at some point as well.


I'm saving up to buy:

Boatside Sliders


LCG JK Long Arm Upgrade and Brackets

Forged Front Adjustable Trackbar

HD Frame Brace and Drag Link Flip Kit

Rear Trackbar

Evolution Off Road:
Front Coil Over System

Lever Rear Coil Over System

Sector Shaft Brace

Tom Woods:

And maybe a Rock Krawler tie-rod.

I could say the prices, but anyone who reads it might explode.

Somewhere in there I'm going to re-gear, then consider lockers, then probably order them too at some point - cause I'm retarded like that.

Then it should be done.  And I KNOW if Bill reads this he's probably going to have a stroke, and then say "I told you so".

And who knows.  Maybe I'll get rich and start drooling over Dana 60's and a supercharger AND/or V8 HEMI someday in the next decade...

You know, that's all assuming my G/F doesn't get sick of all this and leave me., which shafts me for rent and then the rainbow collapses.
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----2007 2D 6SPD JK X----
open diffs are rad