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AURS Update #4
« on: January 12, 2006, 01:55:55 AM »
All members should have recieved a copy of this years newsletter already, if you have note please Email us at:

Alberta United Recreationists Society Online Update #4 - JANUARY 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

The Board of Directors would like to thank all of you who have joined the AURS last year. But now that 2006 is upon us, it is time for renewal!!

There are many ways for individual members to join the AURS. You can visit our website and use pay-pal by downloading a membership form at You can also attend any of our General Meetings, or stop by any of the following locations:

-Modern Motors
-National 4 Wheel Drive
-Blackfoot Motorsports
-Spinal Guy Chiropractic
-Folk Automotive
-Jeep Stuff and 4x4 Parts
-All Seasons Radiator


Feel free to Email us at: for a membership form as well!

Each of the above businesses also sell the AURS maps of Waiparous and McLean!! They also supply copies of the 'What Can You Do To Save The Trails' booklets and the 'Unified Front for GAMP' booklets!

If you would like to help promote the AURS by carrying memberships, literature and maps please contact Amanda Morosse at:!


AURS Annual General Meeting - New Location!

We would like to remind you of our Annual General Meeting date. Please make note of the change of venue!

Annual General Meeting - Thursday, January 12th - 2005 - 7:00 PM
Tuxedo Park Community Association 202-29th Ave. N.E.

At our meetings and all events we will be selling our T-Shirts for $20, our Spill Kits for $65 and our McLean/Waiparous maps for $10.00! We tend to have a 50/50 draw as well! We will now be offering a tiered membership program. Our regular membership is still $20, but now we offer a membership and 4WD magazine subscription for $30.

Please be sure to pick up all of our education and information pamphlets and booklets as well! They are FREE!!

Please Email Amanda Morosse for a digital copy of 'What can You Do To Save The Trails' or the 'Unified Front For GAMP' booklet at:!


AURS And The Calgary Motorcycle Show

Held January 6th - 8th, 2006 at the Round-Up Center in Calgary AB! What a great time was had by all. We saw some new faces come out and volunteer, and got a chance to meet some motorcycle enthusiasts as well! The word is spreading and each year the message of responsible use in the backcountry grows!

Thank you to those of you who came out to volunteer your personal time over the weekend.  


AURS Year End Newsletter For 2005!

We are unable to attach a copy of the newsletter, but please visit our website soon to view one at:!

The AURS Board of Directors