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Author Topic: 1998 sahara build, the interior is UGLY  (Read 1695 times)

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1998 sahara build, the interior is UGLY
« on: November 12, 2012, 12:09:37 AM »
I'm new to the forum, not new to the jeep plague tho. Just picked up this 98 sahara, auto Trans, 4" skyjacker, 33"bfg's on disgusting white spoke wheels (why do people do this), and stock 307 gears.  Luckily I am pulling my 98 4 banger off the road and swapping out the 411 30/35 axles tomorrow.  I already read up how to fix my heater core earlier on another post, and was able to successfully flush mine out this afternoon, I did run some CLR through the heater core for 5 min and it really opened her up!  If I can figure out how to post pics of the swap I will.  The jeep starts right up and runs smooth but has a hesitation and seems to misfire after idling for about a minute, it then seems to get it out of its system and back to smooth idle, I'll have to look into that one a little further but don't suspect anything too major. I've bought a couple parts jeeps off kijiji so I should have most parts I'll need for this transformation and may have some extras if guys need parts. Like a 2.5l and 5spd Trans (190000kms) with brand new clutch etc etc etc
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