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BurningChrome on April 23, 2014, 10:50:24 AM

On May 10th and 11th Trails4Tomorrow will be going to Waiparous to work on bank restoration around the Meadow Creek bridge at the base of Camp Hill (aka the hill to nowhere). We need as many volunteers to help out as possible to make short work of this project so we can get it done before runoff begins. We will be driving on Lost Knife to the bridge to do the work and camping overnight on Saturday then completing the work on Sunday. Dinner will be provided by RMLCA Saturday night, though you will still need to bring your own plates and cutlery. You will also need to bring your own breakfasts and lunches, along with snacks and drinks for both days.

This work will take place rain or shine and it could be a bit muddy out there, so make sure to bring some rubber boots (steel toe if you have them), a couple pairs of good work gloves, rain gear, and a change of clothing including socks!

We're still working out some exact logistics so I'll post updates when we have more info. Hope to see you all out there!

If you plan on coming please also let us know if you'll be coming alone or how many people are coming with you. We need to get a count of volunteers so we know how much food to make Saturday night.

Please note that since we will be taking part of Lost Knife trail to get to the bridge that all the usual trail run requirements apply - recovery gear, vehicle recovery points, compressor, first aid kit, FRS radios, etc.

Tools to bring:
- shovels
- spades
- picks
- wheelbarrows

If you have any of this protective gear please bring it with you:
- steel toe boots
- hard hats
- high vis vests
- eye protection
- ear protection

Also DO NOT FORGET TO BRING PLENTY OF WATER. High energy snacks like trail mix, protein bars, and jerky are also a good idea to have with you.
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morerpmfred on May 02, 2014, 10:40:10 PM
So leave smittys in cochrane for 9 am ish.
Presume there could be some heavy equipment out there? Do we need another operator ? Bring shovels ? Safety vests?  Camping overnight?

If no heavy equipment are we armouring the bridge abutements from underneath and do we need lots of jeeps out there to haul rock in?

BurningChrome on May 05, 2014, 08:17:28 AM
Added some info to the original post. The plan is to be at the site by 9am, so we'll be meeting at the Lost Knife trailhead at 8am. For those who want to convoy out to Waiparous we can meet at the Smitty's parking lot and leave around 7am.

BurningChrome on May 06, 2014, 11:54:33 AM
Due to the snow that fell in the Waiparous area and warm weather forecast for this weekend we've decided to postpone this. Getting volunteers, materials, and heavy equipment to the site in muddy conditions will just end up tearing things up. The fish window for Meadow Creek goes until the end of May, so if conditions improve we'll try to reschedule for then, otherwise the next fish window is in August.

KorzaXJ on May 14, 2014, 02:50:51 PM
I'd be into helping, That bridge is a part of my childhood memories :)

BurningChrome on August 18, 2014, 06:13:15 PM
Ok, this is back on for this weekend (August 22-24). Here is the information I was given:

We are planning to meet at the South Ghost Staging area at 8:30am.
We are looking for volunteers to help with building a water diversion on Meadow Creek, filling sandbags, placing geo-mason bags around a bridge abutment, and preparing the stream-bank for planting of willows in late September.

The project will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
We are looking at organizing the work in shifts from 8:30am to 6pm. Volunteers can choose to do a full day or just a half day and coming out for just one day or several.

It will be a great opportunity to learn how to do bio-engineering, sustainable recreational trail building and meeting new people. We will need lots of hands, so we hope you will be able to join us on this project.
The project is funded by Environment Canada.
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AstraX on August 26, 2014, 02:36:15 PM
Ok, this is back on for this weekend (August 22-24). Here is the information I was given:

I was working this past weekend and not able to take part in this.   Did it happen?  How did it turn out?

BurningChrome on August 26, 2014, 02:43:40 PM
Unfortunately it was cancelled due to high streamflow caused by the rain last week. CT4WD had a camping trip in Crowsnest all weekend and I didn't get the email about the cancellation until I got back otherwise I would've posted.