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Crows nest Pass - York Creek
« on: August 18, 2015, 10:25:19 PM »
This past weekend we headed down to the CNP and decided to do a little wheelin'.....I had read lots about the York Creek Plane Crash site so I wanted to check it out. My lady is from the area and had visited the site a few times via Quad, so I figured she'd be a good tour guide......or so I thought. Turns out she hadn't been there in years and couldn't remember the exact route. No worries, we will find the way.

The first day we were there we hit the York Creek staging area and started to climb. We ended up missing the turn off to the crash site trail (just before the bridge, trail#46) and kept heading up the mountain. The road eventually turns into a tight, twisty, rocky trail that is probably more of a quad trail, but doable in a Jeep if you don't mind some scratches. We kept climbing until we got to around 6000' and decided this wasn't the right path, we got turned around and headed back down. It turns out that was the best decision, not only did that trail not head to the crash site, but I was told by a local trail guru that there were some pretty nasty holes on the backside that would probably have eaten my jeep. About halfway back down we took a right (a left on the way up) onto a side cut fire road. We only ventured in a bit before turning back, but a according to that same trail guru, it would have taken us to the same basin as the plan crash, but it can get pretty bad if its wet.

The second day (after consult from our trail guru) we hit the right trail, trail head on the right, just before the bridge. The first bit was awesome,  a couple easy creek crossings and  the steep climb full of baby-head rocks. When we got down the other side it got a little slick and muddy until we came across this monster rutted out mess.....deep deep ruts. There looked like there was a trail cut around it, so I walked it, checked it looked a little tight, but I thought I could do it (key word "thought") as i really didn't think I could make it through the main trail. It turns out I couldn't make it through the bypass way either....I got wedged in nicely between a few trees, but after about 45mins and a few new dents and scratches we were able to get out and head back to town.

Kind of an uneventful tale, but fun what we were able to wheel. Next time I'll make some more time and find a way around/through that big hole and make it to the crash site. Here's a couple pics from the weekend....

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