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HOT OIL Warning
« on: April 14, 2017, 06:02:14 PM »
Hi all, I did a search and got a lot of irrelevant threads.

2012 Sahara Unlimited 160,00 km

I am traveling in the U.S. and had an oil change done in OK. Enroute to AZ after about 2 hours of driving at120KPH around 3,000 RPM I got a Hot Oil alarm. Outside temp was 16C. I coasted until it stopped and resumed. Any sustained time over 3,000 RPM it would alarm. I babied it to Yuma and took it to the dealer. They did several days of work on it including changing the left side cylinder head (under warranty). Once on the highway again over 3,000 RPM it alarmed again and continues to do so. Sometimes the engine light is on and sometimes not. It does not seem to be related. The engine light code is related to the Torque Converter. Has anyone else had a similar experience and what was the issue? It's a long drive when you can't even do the speed limit! Cheers.