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Author Topic: advice : yj drivers tire pointing to left while passenger tire straight  (Read 585 times)

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looking for advice

parked in garage have noticed yj drivers tire points outward to the left (like I was turning left) while passenger tire is pointing straight ahead, I would guess its out an inch maybe more and I think it needs some TLC, looking at steering setup the only adjustment is at tie rod end where a collar/lever and two bolts wrap around the tie rod threads ... is this the right area for me to research pulling the tire back inwards ... does this mean over time the threads slipped outward

its 89 yj,  tie rods are original but have been greased 1 or more times yearly, no noticeable issues driving but if the tire cant track straight going down the road thinking tire issues and other problems are possible

advice appreciated
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Having the front end checked out and a wheel alignment would get it sorted out. You could also try to adjust the toe setting on your own with a tape measure.
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