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dljaljevic on Yesterday at 04:13:41 PM
Hello everyone!
This weekend I bought my first wrangler (2013 Sport, 2 Door) and I love it!
I just have some questions though, there is rust on the frame underneath. I was thinking about sandblasting/sanding/chemically removing it, and then applying POR15. Anyone have any experience/comments with this?
I also have a light squeaking sound when I drive at lower speeds (40-50 km/h). I'm thinking it could be my suspension, I tried to lube it up but I can't find any grease fittings. Does anyone have any advice for greasing it up? Thanks!

hps4evr on Yesterday at 06:38:16 PM
Por15 works pretty good, but be warned the frame on these jeeps hangs low and takes a lot of abuse off-road. And the squeak you have almost sounds like a driveshaft joint squeaking, which is common when the rzeppa joint boot cracks open.
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