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TJ drift (from rear?) after lift, etc

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Hi all. Over the summer, I had a shop swap out my stock danas for some reman D44s from a rubi. At the same time, I had them remove my BB from the rear and add in some OME HD 3" springs, replaced damaged stock lower front control arms with OEM ones (shoulda went adjustable), add new front adjustable track bar, CV-based SYE and rear driveshaft kit (had a welding shop shorten new rear and existing front drive shafts), all new pad/rotors/calipers and finally had got the leaky steering box replaced. All axle angles look  Was not a pleasant bill.

Anyhow, I noticed a slight tracking wander (almost like a torque-steer - combination of body roll and slight fishtail feeling) on the highway when I got it back this fall that is waaaay worse on snowy roads (4wd helps a little bit. Seems to be coming from the rear as it doesn't feel at all like typical front-end wander). It also happened with my MTRs, so I don't think my wheel spacers or winter tires are in play either.

I'm going to have the shop that did the work out here (BC) check it over - they are great but don't deal with Jeeps much so we both might have overlooked something. The only thing I didn't do is replace/add anything to the rear trackbar - should I have done something like add a bracket or replace to accommodate the lift and conversion to the D44 from the D35?

 Any other ideas? I think I have handled most/all other recommended upgrades for the lift and swap.

Thanks in advance for the insights.

Oh yeah - forgot to mention that I did the tummy tuck, MORE motor mount lift and 1.25" body lift previously if that has any bearing on things.

I’d say start with the track bar and make sure the axle is centered side to side. Then make sure the rear control arms are not worn out or if they are adjustable are they the same length.

w squared:
IF you are seeing left/right wander or pull under acceleration, there may be contribution to that from your new track bar geometry....When a track bar is not parallel to the ground, the rise/fall of the axle relative to the frame under acceleration and braking can result in a perceived pull in one direction under acceleration and the other direction when braking. That said, I think that's more of a front axle issue....but acceleration related lateral movement might have something in common with this effect.

Also suggest you do a corner to corner measurement but also get it on a reputable shop alignment system. They will most likely tell you in a short time what is wrong.


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