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ABProjects Banner Contest
« on: June 24, 2008, 04:34:01 PM »
As some of you may already know the ABProjects website is undergoing some pretty big changes. We are currently in the process of redesigning the website to a more user-friendly format with a completely new look!

We wanted to give users and visitors the chance to be a part of the process by giving us ideas or designs for a new banner and logo.

Since the website’s release we have had an enormous amount of support from industry, users and Government. One of the areas we need to improve on is the format of our website. We have hired a professional designer to help get us there.

ABProjects is volunteer based and operated; we have no budget and no source of income. If you are not one of the lucky people able to figure out and work with those crazy design programs, then we will also accept donations to help in the operating costs to design and maintain the website.

Entries must be completed by July 15th. Donations, submissions and all other inquiries can be sent to us by emailing Amanda Morosse at:

Get creative! Get involved!

All entries will be judged by July 21st and the grand prize winner will either win 6 months free advertising on the new website or a prize yet to be determined! (Just want to give everyone a head start  )

Thank you for all your support, and we cant wait to see your ideas!

Amanda Morosse