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Title: Jeepers for Vets Veterans Food Drive
Post by: Flying Finn on October 23, 2020, 06:04:46 PM
The seventh annual Jeepers for Vets Food Drive will take place on Saturday, December 5th as the Jeep and 4x4 community pull together once again to support our local Veterans and First Responders.

It's probably no surprise that COVID-19 is going to play a big part in determining what the event looks like this year. Cold and flu season is upon us and COVID cases are spiking in Alberta.

Ideally, we'll be able to announce a meetup location where we can mingle safely and appropriately and check out the various rigs.

Whether we'll have our post-convoy meal and socialization at the ChapelHow Legion is also unknown at this point.

More details will be provided closer to the date, as we follow AHS guidelines on group events and social distancing requirements. And although there are unknowns at this point, the plan is still to have our traditional convoy from a meetup location, directly to the Veterans Association Food Bank.

For more information please visit the Jeepers for Vets web site @ ( or visit the Facebook page Calgary Jeepers for Vets find the event and click on the going tab.
Title: Re: Jeepers for Vets Veterans Food Drive
Post by: GigaPig on November 23, 2020, 09:25:48 PM
**November 23 event update**

We are continuing to monitor AHS directions for outdoor gatherings and social events, and will continue to follow all directions.

**Meetup details**

At this point, it's very unlikely that there will be any kind of meetup mingling / socializing permitted. We would still be permitted to meet up, but ALL participants MUST remain in their vehicles.  Please remember that anyone choosing not to abide by this direction risks impacting the reputation of Jeepers for Vets, the Jeeping community and the Veterans Association Food Bank.

The meetup location will be at the Real Canadian Superstore in Deerfoot Meadows (aka Heritage Meadows).

Jeeps and other vehicles will meet in the small parking lot to the left of the Superstore if you were facing it.

Exact time is still TBD but it will be in the morning.

**Drop off details**

The drop off of donations at the Veterans Association Food Bank will also be slightly different this year. The VAFB will place a series of cardboard bins with spacing between them behind the building (same drop off location as previous years). The convoy will arrive at the VAFB, and proceed around the building from the North side to the back. The convoy will remain in a single-file lineup of vehicles. As each vehicle takes its turn at the bins, the owner/passenger of that vehicle will unload their donations in one of the bins and then re-enter their vehicle. Once you have unloaded, continue along the back of the building and exit (turn right) at the south end.

**Post-event meetup**

There will be no post-event meetup at the Chapelhow Legion this year.


If you prefer to make a monetary donation to the VAFB instead of physical donations, that can be done online. (

If you are unable to attend the event, or do not feel comfortable attending, you can contact the VAFB directly to drop off any donations at an alternate time. (

While this year's event will be quite a bit different than previous years, the importance of the event and the level of appreciation have not changed. Thank you!!!
Title: Re: Jeepers for Vets Veterans Food Drive
Post by: MattMan on November 27, 2020, 05:25:25 PM
Thanks for the update!
See ya there, albeit at a distance.  8)
Title: Re: Jeepers for Vets Veterans Food Drive
Post by: GigaPig on November 30, 2020, 06:04:02 PM
** November 30 event update**

Due to the rapidly increasing number of positive COVID cases in Calgary, and the intent to crack down and issue steep fines to both organizers and participants of indoor and outdoor events, the meetup portion of this year's event will also be cancelled.

**** The drop-off of donations and the ability to donate financially online are still a go. ****

The intent behind Jeepers for Vets has always been to support those who have pledged their lives - and in many cases, given their lives - to protect and make life better for others. This includes supporting our active and retired Veterans and their families, our first responders and increasingly, our medical and healthcare workers.

The social aspect of the events is always fun, and builds on the strong community of the Jeep and offroad family, but that is secondary to the overall intent of what we do, and who we're supporting.

So, for this year's event:

If you prefer to make a financial donation to the VAFB instead of a physical donation, that can be done directly online. (

If you have collected and/or purchased donations of non-perishable items for the VAFB, those can still be dropped off directly with them this Saturday (Dec 5).
#10 820 28th Street NE Calgary, Alberta T2A 6K1

There will be large cardboard bins placed in the parking lot at the front of the VAFB office for you to deposit your donations. If there are multiple vehicles there at the same time, please obey all AHS guidelines for social distancing and gathering maximums to keep everyone safe. (

A HUGE thank you to everyone that has been asking whether the event is still a go -- the passion behind this event every year is amazing!

And last but not least, a HUGE thank you to those of you who reached out to see how you could help with volunteering and directing vehicles to keep groups small.

Hopefully next year will see a return to the full event experience!
Title: Re: Jeepers for Vets Veterans Food Drive
Post by: Sixty4X4 on December 08, 2020, 08:51:11 AM
How did we do folks? I went early and advised them I was with CJA. Not sure if we got a total but we donated about $80 worth of food items.
Title: Re: Jeepers for Vets Veterans Food Drive
Post by: GigaPig on December 08, 2020, 10:26:08 PM
I think we did pretty darn well, all things considered. Participants filled five of the big "pumpkin" bins full of donations, which equals about 7,500 pounds of food!

Check out the post from the VAFB on their Facebook page: (