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Title: Tire Damage
Post by: Matt4x4 on November 12, 2020, 04:14:13 PM
I know for sidewall puncture, any sidewall damage replace the tire.
I got a puncture right on the edge of the tread, its still in the tread.
Very slow leak, probably lasted 2 days before automatic sense went off on Acura but tire ground buldge looked alright (didnt measure psi) leaked most likely due to temperature change from unheated garage to outisde. Found 3 or 4 days ago, 2 days before sensor went off, 4th day now wife went to tire store.
Tire is All Weather I believe, or All Season, I dont think it matters. Will confirm later tonight.
Screw was left in place, screws head doesnt look that big but shaft could be a long one.

My initial thought was just repair it because it was in the tread.

Tire guy says replace it because its All Weather/All Season.

Wife dealt with tire store. So thats why I question.

Title: Re: Tire Damage
Post by: MattMan on November 13, 2020, 03:46:29 PM
Well, if it’s truly right on the corner/curve from tread to sidewalk then you could try a large patch (~2” dia) on the inside. If you are not interested/able to dismount then I would just plug it and see how long it lasts. Worst case scenario is that air gets between the inner liner and the rest of the tire and it starts/continues to leak.