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Jeep Stuff Wanted / Re: need new battery 2012 jeep jk
« Last post by dsquarewd on October 14, 2019, 03:12:20 PM »
thanks for info
Tech Talk / Re: New tires!!!!
« Last post by Jrama on October 12, 2019, 05:19:58 PM »
Comment to the above...

 Lots of People have had great things to say about their STT Pros while have been I have been underwhelmed...

-Good/Decent in most summer off-road conditions, Dirt, Gravel and Rock they are great but they don't surpass any other solid tire. Mud they are decent but there are better tires...

-Oddly hit or Miss in winter wheeling conditions, some times crap other times  solid....depends on the conditions. Certainly not a strong overall performer.

-I always had a feeling these tires were not very stable in winter driving conditions, one day last spring I slid into the ditch doing 70 kph and learned it was more than just a feeling, never had any problems like this with other MT's in the winter.  Because of this I am looking into buying some "winter tires" (General Grabber ATX) For the Jeep...or just different MT's. Just to get to the trail head or drive around with a piece of mind in the winter.

-Fine road Manners, but loud by any measure

-They run small, my 35x12.50 Came out to 33"  fully inflated on my Jeep TJ.

Cooper Replaced my first set free charge as it took over 20oz to balance some of the tires (All were terrible)...New set was better but not close to perfect, Maybe there were some quality control issues in the 35x12.50R15 tires when I purchased?

I have had these tires for about 3 years now and won't miss them when I replace them.
Tech Talk / Re: New tires!!!!
« Last post by MattMan on October 12, 2019, 08:33:00 AM »
I think I’m going to consider trying those Cooper SST Pros that Ryan had on down in Moab. They seemed to perform well in the rocks and he had a lot of good things to say about them. What was he running... 35’s??
Tech Talk / Re: New tires!!!!
« Last post by hps4evr on October 11, 2019, 01:41:42 PM »
I guess I should list what I’ve already used.
Original Goodyear MTR’s. Good on the street, light in weight, good in trail, dirt and rock crawling. Ok in mud, not amazing. Hard to find nowadays. I had these in 33’s and 35’s.
Bfg AT. Good on the street. Not as good as I expected offroad. But for an all terrain I probably asked more then it could deliver.
Had them in a 30” and 31”.
Mickey Thompson MTZ. 33” size.
When they were new they worked well everywhere. As they got lower on tread their performance dropped off. They have been updated to the P3 version which is supposed to be better.
35” Falken MT01. Good street manners, good in dirt and Alberta rock. Good in mud, a little better then expected. My first winter with them they were fine offroad. Second winter not so much.
37” super swamper SX2. 1” thick tread lugs! They measure small! Closer to 35”. Not very street friendly but they worked. Worked  good in mud, dirt and rocks out here. Should have aired down more for the little snow and ice wheeling I did. Were barely ok for that stuff.
37” toyo open country MT’s. Good street manners, no vibes with balancing beads. Heavy, I repeat, heavy. But tough, very tough tire. Aired down to 5 psi and they flexed and wrapped around dirt and rocks very well. Pretty good in mud, more so due to size then tread design. I think they are about as good as you can expect a radial mud tire to be in the mud.
37” super swamper Iroks. I haven’t run them long but they impressed me a lot. They are far and aired down to 8psi the floated very well. Fine on the rocks and dirt. Very good mud performance. Street wise fine, no shakes just a little more noise then usual.
Tech Talk / Re: New tires!!!!
« Last post by w squared on October 11, 2019, 08:42:56 AM »
I can offer good input on both the Toyo MT radials, The BFG AT's, and the Goodyear Duratracs.

The Toyos (E rated) are heavier than any other radial that I know of. They also have tough sidewalls, and if you adjust you air pressure to suit the weight of the vehicle, they wear super slow and even on pavement. They are loud-ish, but deal well with mud, rocks, Moab, and gravel. If you don't mind the noise and the "nobbly bits" they are find for pavement use too - I've driven my rig all over the Western US on several road trips (one week up to one month in length) and they did great. I also find that Toyo quality control is great - the last 4 I bought didn't need any weights to balance on the factory rims.

The Duratracs (C rated), I studded and ran mostly as winter tires, although I did wheel them a bit in the fall. They offer 80% of what the Toyos do in the mud - failing mostly in the area of sliding sideways. Studded, they are very good in snow and ice - better than the BFG AT's, but that's probably partially may be due to the studs. I found them to have great manners on the road, but they are not as tough as the Toyos.
Tech Talk / Re: New tires!!!!
« Last post by MattMan on October 11, 2019, 08:03:14 AM »
I really can’t complain much about my Duratracs for all around performance. The ones I’m running are 11” wide and with the lower sidewalls I have they tend to ride a little harsh so I prefer to run them under pressure. Doesn’t seem to impact tread wear though as I’ve put 55K on them and still have ~14/32 on all of them. Always seem to be on sale at Crappy Tire and you can go online there and get fairly thorough performance ratings on a lot of different brands
Tech Talk / Re: New tires!!!!
« Last post by Vinman on October 10, 2019, 08:16:03 PM »
They’re probably not aggressive enough for you but you can’t get a much better all around tire than the BFG KO2’s. Good price, good fuel economy, low road noise, light weight, good in Winter, excellent in Moab rocks, get lots of miles out of them, the only downside is lack of mud performance.
Tech Talk / New tires!!!!
« Last post by hps4evr on October 10, 2019, 06:55:10 PM »
Ok, so I’m getting new tires for my Xj soon. I’m just about ready to order. I’m pretty certain i already know what I’m going to try.
But, I figure I’ll ask.
Post up what tire, size, and your jeep. And post how you like them in mud, dirt, gravel, street, ice and snow.
Not looking for debates or arguments, just a good honest idea how each tire is.
Also, prefer experience with these tires for at least a year.
I personally don’t care about the price of each tire either.
Jeep Stuff Wanted / Re: need new battery 2012 jeep jk
« Last post by MattMan on October 08, 2019, 09:42:51 PM »
+1 on the Odyssey. I got 8 years out of my first Odyssey, and I wasn't gentle with it. It also handles the load from a winch far better than a factory battery.
Ditto on the Odyssey. I’ve been running one in my 2012 since earlier this year and wouldn’t go back. Highest power rating for the size and fits right in.
Jeep Stuff Wanted / Re: need new battery 2012 jeep jk
« Last post by dsquarewd on October 07, 2019, 03:57:37 PM »
thank you.
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