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4.0 Torque Plate
« on: August 13, 2016, 08:17:19 PM »
For those of you who are looking to rebuild your 4.0. Before my engine gets its final machining pass i'm having a Torque Plate made for the 4.0 block.

Purpose for a Torque Plate: to stress the block (during the final machining pass) similarly to that of the head being torqued down to ensure a true cylinder shape.  Using a torque plate on the final machining pass ensures you have better bore geometry. There are minor changes in the alignment of the cylinder walls when the head is installed vs not. AKA torque plate makes for a true cylinder shape once head is torqued down.

i'm willing to rent it out to those who need it....... beer, coffee, cash, wrench help.... lol....